2014 AGM Minutes


Lynne Todd, Annmarie Wallis, Karen Fawaz, Rebecca Wallis, Hannah Forrestall, Sue Edwards, Jenny Bird, Emma Birch, Lucy Tilling, Simone Small, Heather Tierney, Nicola Green, Josie Evans, Alice Evans, Harriet Rogers, Shanie Ashton, Maxine Giles


Apologies were received from a number of people who had previously completed AGM forms


Proposed by Ann-Marie Wallis and seconded by Emma Birch and was therefore accepted as a true record of the meeting.


CHAIR PERSON REPORT (Full Report attached #1)

Lynne Todd gave an overview of the 2013/2014 season.

Firstly, thanking all members of the club.

Regional Team – Finished 2nd and have been promoted to Division 1

1st Team – Finished as runners-up in Division 1 and received trophies

2nd Team – Had a difficult season and were demoted to Division 2

3rd Team – Finished 3rd and have been promoted to Division 4

4th Team – Had a difficult season and have been demoted to Division 7

5th Team – Will be in Division 10 for the coming season.

Lynne thanked all of the captains within the club for their hard efforts in managing their team throughout the season.

Lynne thanked the committee for their hard work throughout the season, all of the players and the coaches, Kelly (who left the club at Christmas), Jane, Sally, pat and Emily.

Feedback about training and coaching was asked for via the AGM forms. Any feedback will be taken on board and discussed with the coaches and the committee at the start of next season.

Thank you to the Intermediates Coach, Pat, and the committee, headed by Shelley, for all of their hard work. Lynne noted that Intermediates was a particularly strong section of BNC.

Lynne updated the club that Alice Coward had been selected to play with the U15 West Midlands Regional Development club and congratulated Alice on behalf of the club.

TREASURER REPORT (see attached for detailed report #2)

Annmarie Wallis presented the annual income and expenditure account for the 2013/14 season together with the supporting documents (attached).

This showed a surplus of £507 for the year compared to a budgeted £3 surplus.

The provisional budget for next season has been based on a new fee structure which apportions subs across different categories of members in order to take account of Regional fees and the cost of an indoor court for 1st and 2nd teams.

Fundraising has increased and exceeded budget due to easyfundraising and Christmas Hamper.


Shelly read out the report she had prepared.

It had been a good season and there had been 45 girls attending regularly thanks to Pat.

Shelly thanked Theresa Bateman and Sharon Murray (parents) for their efforts in helping out at Inters training and thanked the parents generally for their support.

U15s were 1st in Division 1 having remained unbeaten all season.

U14s were 1st in Division 4.

U13s were 5th in Division 8.

U12s were 4th in Division 10.

Shelly also commented that there had been successes for various teams at a number of tournaments throughout the season.

TREASURERS REPORT (Full Report Attached #4)


Constitution is on the website and all in attendance reminded where this is.

There was 1 proposition made. See full details of propositions attached (#5). The propositions were read out by Lynne Todd (Chair) and all those in attendance (total of 19) agreed the changes.

Constitution Propositions:

Proposition A – 6.3 Categorisation of Members

A change to categorise members according to regional players or non-regional players in order to allow for regional players to pay higher subs.

Rules Propositions

Proposition B – Rule 2.4: As above.

Proposed by Lynne and carried unanimously.

COMMITTEE 2013/2014

Jenny Bird, Ann Marie Wallis and Karen Fawaz resigned from the committee. Lyne thanks them for their long service and continued efforts and support for the club. Flowers were presented from the club.

Harriet Rogers and Alice Evans will be joining BNC Committee, with Alice Evans to be U18 Rep and Harriet’s roles and responsibilities to be assigned at a later point. Lynne Todd welcomed the new members and gave thanks to their commitment.

Hannah Forrestall has re-joined the committee as Treasurer. Lynne thanked Hannah for her continued involvement and support on the committee.

We need to continue to encourage players to take on extra roles and responsibilities within the club to ensure the club continues to make progress and run as successfully as it has been.


Summer/Pre-Season Training –

There are no scheduled pre-season training sessions but Regional will be attending the Leamington tournament.

Normal training starts back on Monday 3nd September: 6:30pm-8pm for 4th, 5th and Reserves teams; 8pm-9.30pm for the Regional, 1st , 2nd and 3rd teams. Subs will start being collected from this point, along with AENA affiliation.

Jane Abbey will continue as coach for Regional, 1st and 2nd Teams (and 3rds when attending) and Pat Clarke-Dixon and Emily Lloyd will continue to take the 4ths, 5ths and Reserves (and 3rds when attending). Sally Bromley will assist with coaching on an adhoc basis.

The 3rd team will be attending higher team training for 2 weeks and lower team training for 2 weeks.

Playing nights are to be reviewed by the Committee.

Any comments or feedback about training that has been submitted will be looked through and reviewed with Jane before the season starts. If there is any other feedback, please let Lucy or Emma know as soon as possible.


Lyn Cain tournament is the 7th of September 2014. The cancer charity this year is ‘Help Harry Help Others’. There will probably be 3 teams from Bournville entering again this year.

Lynne warned that affiliation was due before a player was permitted to play a match and urged all players to ensure that their affiliation was paid as early as possible but definitely before the first match.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:30pm.