2014 Chair’s Report


JULY 16th 2014

Welcome to the AGM and thanks to all of you for coming.

First of all to the season’s results:

  • Seasons Results
    • The Regional Team had a really good season in Division 2 and so are promoted back to Division 1 after only 1 season in Div 2 as runners up to Lyndon Centre. Everyone is looking forward to a great season in Div 1 from September.
    • 1st Team -In their second season in Div 1 BNL, the 1st team had a great season and ended up as runners up to Linden A. A really great team performance.
    • 2nd Team -The 2nd team having finished third in Div 2 last season were in fact promoted to Div 1 so it was always going to be a difficult season for them but they managed to finish 7th and maintain their motivation. They will play in Div 2 next season.
    • 3rd Team – the 3rd team had a good season finishing 3rd and will stay in Div 4 next season
    • 4th Team – the 4th team had a hard season in a very strong division 6 with a number of intermediates playing for the first time at that level. They finished 8th so will be demoted to Div 7
    • 5th Team –primarily made up of the Intermediates in their first season in Senior League, they finished 7th but had some really good competitive matches so will play in Div 10 next season.
  • Intermediates – this season was the first season where we have seen such an influx of really strong Intermediates playing in teams 3, 4, 5. Girls like this are the future – though they always need the support of more experienced players. It was great to see so many of them thrive in a very different competitive environment and long may it continue
  • Particular mention goes to Alice Coward who as part of the West Mids U15 team beat both Scotland and Wales U15 with Alice getting player of the match against Scotland. As co captain she also wrote an article as part of the newsletter – a star of the future I think!!
  • Thanks:
    • Thanks to all the captains – Simone, Emma, Karen, Shelley , Abi & Olivia, Ellie & Carina. Their job is not the easiest but they have done a great one. Particular thanks to Carina who took on the role of the 5th team captain from Xmas. It is not always an easy task so we really appreciate you taking on these roles and doing them so successfully.
    • Thanks too to the Mentors – who supported other teams. This role is invaluable and particularly this year worked well with some non-playing members mentoring teams. Particular thanks therefore to Anne Marie Hooper for the 2nd team, & Karen Etherington for the 3rds. Also particular thanks to Shani who spent a lot of time supporting and mentoring the 5th team which with such a large squad was no mean feat. Again we would like to see more people volunteering for this important supportive role.
    • As always thanks to the Committee. So much is done in the background which players rarely see – but which actually means your club can function and you can play. So thanks from me and all players to Sue, Jenny, Annmarie, Shelley, Karen, Fiona, Eleanor up till Xmas and the 2 new members – Lucy and Emma who have brought a new and helpful perspective to the committee. I and the Club could not function without them. Sadly 3 of the committee members are standing down this year – and I personally will miss them a great deal. Jenny Bird who has given so much to the Club as a player and committee member – representing us at Regional since its inception. Much as I am sure she would like to Jenny can no longer play and has given over her responsibilities over the last year to Lucy and Emma as she concentrates on her new career in Pilates. I am hopeful however we will see her out supporting the teams. Annmarie has also been involved with the Club for many years as a player and most recently as treasurer keeping the books in brilliant order and setting budgets which we can all understand. Becky is leaving us this year to go down to London to study law so Annmarie has taken the opportunity of handing over the treasurer’s role – though I am sure she will soon miss the meetings!! Finally Karen – who is still with the Club as a player and so will not be disappearing off the scene but again has done a great deal for the committee and has maintained our presence on the web which acts as a great communications and recruitment tool. Farewell to you all and my heartfelt thanks for all you have done on the committee.
    • To all Players for your commitment to the Club and your support of the Committee
    • Coach –This year saw a new coaching regime – up till Xmas Kelly McKormack took all teams training and we thank her for her input over the last 2 years. After Xmas top teams training was taken by Sally and Jane and we have had very good feedback from all players so we look forward to working with them next season. Lower team training was taken by Pat half the time and 1 week from Emily – so thanks to both of those again.
    • Intermediates – this year has again been very successful for Intermediates and as noted previously many of last years have come up to Seniors and we will be welcoming more next season. I would like to particularly thank Shelley for taking on the role of Chair for Inters and Inters rep on the main committee. She has put a huge amount of time and effort into Inters this year ably supported by the Committee. Obviously I would also like to give a big thanks to Pat in her role as coach. She has devoted again a huge amount of time and effort with all the girls with great success. The Inters is thriving and this year we will see many of them feed into seniors which is great for the future development of the cub and them as players.
  • Birmingham League- Caroline attended the BNL AGM both as the committee rep but also to pick the trophies for the 1st Any relevant outcome from the AGM will be communicated separately via Captains and Committee members – and posted on the Bournville Website:
  • Fundraising – a different tack this year with very successful Hampers being led by Emma and Lucy at Xmas and Easter. Easy fundraising still remains the simplest and easiest way to raise fund for the club so please do all use it- we will remind people again about how to use it. . The Quiz had to be cancelled through lack of interest. Fundraising is not easy but is a great way of keeping subs down – but it only works if everyone contributes. If anyone has any ideas they would like to take forward both for social and FR purposes then please see Lucy or Emma. Thanks to Lucy for a great Xmas do where a lot of members turned out. Please do try and support these events and it is really down to the members not the committee to take on the mantle of organising events – both social and to raise funds
  • Things to mention:
    • Club Awards – will be presented at one of the first few training sessions in September – for players player of the year, most improved player and personality of the year
    • Congrats- Caroline , Anna and Jo all of whom are due to increase their family numbers this season
    • Weddings – congrats to Heather
    • Goodbyes – to Emma, Raneisha, Olivia, Jess & Elicia all of whom will hopefully get their required results and be off to Uni. Four members who have been with us a number of years are moving away – so good luck to Nicola Green Karen Etherington, Becky Wallis and Jo Rouse off to pastures new.

With that I close my review of the year and hand over to the Treasurer for her report.