2016 AGM Minutes

2016 AGM Minutes

July 23rd 2016


Meeting was quorate.


·         LTd presented minutes of 23/07/15 – proposed by LTd and agreed by SC and SE

·         Attendees: Emma Birch, Lynne Todd, Sue Edwards, Shelley Collingbourne, Hannah Forrestall, Anne-Marie Hooper, Georgia Kennedy, Rebecca, Nicky Graham, Heather haw-Tierney, Naomi Tassa, Gina



Thanks to all attendees

·         Regional had a strong season and were promoted to Division 1.

·         1st team finished 7th out of 9th so should stay in Div 1.

·         2nd Team finished runners-up and were promoted to Div 1.

·         3rd Team finished 5th

·         4th team had a tough season and finished bottom so will be demoted.

·         LTd thanked Becky for her assistance in running the 4th team.

·         5th Team should stay in Div 10 after a good season.

·         Thanks to AMH for running the 5th team.

·         Thanks to all captains

·         Thanks to Committee

·         Congratulations to Alice Evans and Alice Coward who have represented West midlands Warriors.

·         Congratulations to Naomi Tassa and [   ] who were selected for County Academy

·         AMH has taken lower team training and we have received good feedback

·         Difficult season as struggled to field enough players in higher teams. As a result we have dropped a team in Div 1 and will now field Reg and 4 teams in Birmingham League.

·         Thanks to all fundraisers but fundraising has been low this year. 5 key fundraisers on Easyfundraising.

·         New rules to be implemented at start of new season and most BNC umpires have attended training sessions.

·         Congratulations to Faye on the birth of Seth.

·         Goodbyes to all members that are leaving the club this year. A special goodbye to Karen Fawaz after many years at BNC.


1.       2015/16 Accounts – Performance against Budget

·         Subs were down on budget due to lost players resulting in £600 loss of income

·         Saved some money in gym fees

·         Court fees increased but to include Reg U19 Court fees

·         Other income accurate

·         Costs were broadly in line with budget

·         Maintained a surplus from prior years but not sustainable forecast

2.       2016/17 Budget

·         1 less team which saves some cost but results in lower income

·         Need to increase subs by £5 per half season with exception of 1st team who saw an increase last year for extra matches which are not forecast this year.

·         Forecast a loss of approximately £483

·         Increase in fees will be reviewed at half season but concerted effort required on fundraising in order to decrease deficit



·         Very successful season. We had to introduce a new session due to increase in members.

·         Thank you to all coaches, Pat and Charlotte have made a big commitment.

·         U15s in Div 1 finished 5th

·         U13s finished 2nd in Div 3 and will be promoted

·         U14/15 mixed finished 1st in Div 6

·         U12s finished 2nd in Div 8

·          Year 10s will stay with Inters next season due to commitments at school and unavailability for matches

·         10 players currently selected for County

·         Unfortunate that unavailability for Saturday matches makes it difficult to progress Inters through to Seniors


2015/16 Accounts

·         TBC – HF to circulate

·         Increased coaching fees against budget

2016/17 Budget

·         TBC – HF to circulate




·         CAPS reaccreditation this season

·         Change to Constitution to reflect England Netball Prototype for CAPS reaccreditation

·         Passed unanimously

·         Change to reduce quorum for management committee to 4

·         Proposed by Management Committee

·         Passed unanimously


6 COMMITTEE 2016/17

·         Lucy Tilling has resigned due to departure from the club

·         All other members agreed to stay

·         Rebecca wishes to join and will be Safeguarding Officer

·         Raneisha Ambersley wishes to join committee

·         Both additions agreed unanimously


1.       Plan for R, 1, 2 ,3 to train together and 4,5 to train together

2.       4th team may be asked to stay on and 3rds will intermittently attend lower training to play 4ths

3.       6.30-7.45 and 7.45-9.30


·         Guest coaches to be sought

·         Nikita Coleman most likely joining

·         Need to increase feedback to coaches

·         Mentoring scheme to be reintroduced