2015 AGM Minutes


Meeting was not quorate and consequently cancelled and immediately re-arranged.


LTd presented minutes of 16/07/14 – proposed by HF and seconded by LTg



  • Thanks to all attendees
  • Next AGM to be earlier in the summer
  • Regional had a tough season and were hit by a number of departures. Team was demoted to Div 2
  • 1sts – a number of team changes but finished 5th and remain in Div 1
  • 2nds finished 5th and remain in Div 2
  • 3rds – had a solid season having been recently promoted to Div 3 and finished 4th will remain in Div 3
  • 4ths had a difficult season and finished bottom of Div 7 and are demoted to Div 8
  • 5ths – finished 7th – mostly made up of intermediates and reserves – finished the season very strongly
  • Thank you to all the captains
  • Lack of mentors this season
  • Thank you to all members of the committee
  • 2 members standing down this season: Harriet Rogers and Hannah Forrestall; Fiona Tolmie left earlier in the year to move to the Lake District
  • Thanks to all players for commitment
  • Thanks to Jane Abbey who took her first season as seniors coach which was very well received
  • Emily Lloyd took lower team training and Shani Ashford and Anne-Marie assisted – thanks to all
  • Thanks to Pat Clarke-Dixon for all her efforts for Intermediates coaching
  • Moderate success in fundraising due to hampers but we need to focus more on easyfundraising – Shelley to post on FB page
  • Any and all ideas welcome
  • Club awards will be at beginning of September
  • Congratulations to Caroline Parker and Anna Hawthorn
  • Goodbye to Courtenay and Alice Wheeler


2014/15 Accounts

  • Income was accurate
  • Spent less on gym fees due to club closures
  • Court fees – slight anomalies – budget was assumed that 3 teams would play at central venue however unexpected promotion of 3rds meant that 3 rather than 2 teams played non-central venue
  • Coaching fees were lower due to EL payment rate
  • Surplus for the year of £400 – due to lower costs
  • £2,000 in sponsorship and grants – used for courses but no participants

2015/16 Budget

  • KEHS have increased court fees by £5.50 (indoors) and £
  • Gym fees will increase but income likely to remain the same
  • Forecasting a loss
  • Fees to be kept the same due to c/fwd surplus but not likely to be sustainable
  • SE – umpiring fees to increase – HF – I haven’t included that and I haven’t included an extra team in Divisions 1 and 2
  • Subs: £95 per half season for Regional; £90 per half season for 1sts and 2nds; 85 per half season for others
  • We earned less money through hampers than we did in previous years – fundraising has dropped



  • Very good season for intermediates
  • Thanks to PCD for coaching over 45 girls
  • PCD assisted by Emily Lloyd and Jessica Randell
  • Thanks to Sharon (a parent) for assisting at training
  • Thank you to parents
  • Thanks o all volunteers
  • U15/14 finished 4th in Div 2, U13s finished 5th in Div
  • Any volunteers are welcome
  • There are some changes next season which will be announced in due course
  • Incident at end of season tournament and complaint currently being investigated


2014/15 Accounts

  • Average of 42.7 girls
  • Budget was capped at 40 girls which was exceeded
  • Slightly more earned in training fees
  • More spent on league entry costs – 3 Reg squads
  • Spent less in gym fees than budget
  • AENA – we charge a flat rate of £6 (reduced from previous season) and have made a profit of £36 due to drop in average age
  • Coaching fees less than budget but more than last season due to payment of Assistant Coach
  • Money spent on bibs, balls etc
  • Sundries – subsidies for kit
  • Surplus for the year of £700

2015/16 Budget

  • Based on 42 girls – same as last season
  • Gym fees to increase
  • Coaching costs – to be determined – qualified level 2 assistant coach this season and PCD to be paid higher rate and therefore costs likely to increase
  • Anne-Marie Hooper to be Assistant Coach
  • £1,000 to be kept as working capital



Change to Rule 11.7 – reduce quorum from 15 to 10

  • Proposed by management Committee
  • Passed unanimously


  • EB to be seniors treasurer
  • Josie Evans to become a full permanent member
  • AMH to be Intermediates Chair and Treasurer


  • Plan for R, 1, 2 ,3 to train together and 4,5 to train together
  • 30-7.45 1st session
  • 45-9.45 2nd session
  • AMH to take lower team training


  • BNC Centennial in 2016 – Celebrate – ideas welcome
  • Lyn Cain on 13 September – 2 teams entered – SC/LTg organising
  • Sparkhill tournament on 20 September in celebration of 70th anniversary
  • Presentation to HF – thanks for all your hard work and commitment
  • Presentation to Lynne Todd – thanks for all of your hard work throughout the season.
  • JE – efforts to be made by re-buying more kit
  • Website to be updated and a re-brand
  • Selection to be announced in due course – likely to be mid August