2016 Chair’s Report


JULY 12th 2016

Welcome to the AGM and thanks to all of you for coming.

Seasons Results

    • The Regional Team had a great season. Having been demoted to Div 2 last season they were runners up this season so back to Div 1 for the 2016/17 season. I am sure the team will be motivated to not only stay up but do well in what is a very competitive Division. Sadly we have to say goodbye to Lucy – currently in Cambodia and then relocating to Manchester. She has been a great member of the Club, Committee and Regional Captain – we wish her well. Congrats also to Kris who will miss the first half season due to an impending new arrival.
    • 1st Team -In their second season in Div 1 BNL, the 1st team struggled but managed to finish 7th out of 9 so should stay up.
    • 2nd Team -The 2nd team had a really good season – ending up runners up at the end of the season so gaining promotion to Div 1. I will take this opportunity of presenting their trophy to them plus the cash they received as a team. Well done.
    • 3rd Team – the second season at this level the 3rd team ended up 5th at the end of the season – again a really great performance.
    • 4th Team – the 4th team again had a really hard season and for the 3rd successive season were bottom of their division and so will be demoted. I would like to take the opportunity of thanking Becky for her commitment and enthusiasm in running this team at times having real problems actually fielding one. As a committee we need to ensure that this team does get support other than Becky and that hopefully it will be able to deliver better results in the coming season.
    • 5th Team –primarily made up of younger players in their first or second season in Senior League. They finished 6th in their division so should stay in Div 10. Availability for matches has once again been a real issue for these players and does not make for consistency of team of for ease of organisation. I would like to take the opportunity of thanking Anne-Marie for organising the team and being there at virtually every match.
  • Intermediates – again still going from strength to strength I will leave Anne-Marie to report on their successes
  • Thanks:
    • Thanks to all the captains – |Lucy, Karen, Heather, Max, Shelley, Becky and Anne-Marie. Their job is not the easiest particularly in the second half of the season when fielding the top teams was a weekly nightmare. It is not always an easy task so we really appreciate you taking on these roles and doing them so successfully.
    • The mentor role is one that can add to the team in terms of providing an objective view and taking pressure off playing captains in team choices. There was no consistency again this season but for those that did do the role thank you. I remain hopeful that we can further develop this role next season. We would like to see more people volunteering for this important supportive role.
    • As always thanks to the Committee. So much is done in the background which players rarely see – but which actually means your club can function and you can play. So thanks from me and all players to Sue, Emma, Shelley, Josie, Anne-Marie, Lucy, Alice, Anna co-opted to do Kit, Hannah who whilst not a committee member continued holding the purse strings. I and the Club could not function without them. Sadly as mentioned already Lucy is standing down this year – as she is leaving the area.
    • To all Players for your commitment to the Club and your support of the Committee
    • Congratulations to Alice Coward and Alive Evans who have represented West Mids Warriors this season. And to Naomi Tassa who was selected for County Academy
    • Particular thanks to Reserves this year – who were called upon a lot to fil team gaps – particularly Hannah, Josie, Helen, Becky, Caroline and Vicky
    • Coaches – Firstly to Jane in her second year as Senior higher team. This year we welcomed a new coach into Seniors and Intermediates – Anne-Marie Hooper. She has taken the lower team’s session and we have had nothing but good feedback. In addition she has assisted Pat in Intermediates and even expanded that role to extend the Inters to a session on a Monday from 5.30 to new players in Year 7. This has been really successful and is a real positive in terms of feeding players through into seniors. Anne-Marie puts a huge amount of time into her role both here and on the regional/Satellite academies so we are very grateful she is a member of Bournville – having once been a Bournville Stroller in her youth – and look forward to her continuing her coaching and committee role with us.
    • Intermediates Coaches – I will leave this for Anne-Marie to do in her report but would like to thank her again for her link role into the Inters part of the Club. Also thank to Pat who puts a huge amount of effort in to not only coaching but organising regional representation as well as the Intermediates league. The Inters is a thriving part of the club due to these 2 individuals.
  • New Season – many of you will know that we experienced a huge amount of difficulty getting teams out for the higher teams in the second half of last season. We were very much hoping we would be able to attract new players at the higher level and we have to a degree – but not enough to maintain 3 teams in Div 1-3 on BNL. As a result we have dropped 1 team from Div 1. We have also not been able to attract new players to Regional. Many of the big clubs in Birmingham have had similar problems and attracting players to Regional when they have just introduced a 3rd Division is increasingly difficult. We will however continue to try
  • Birmingham League – any relevant outcome from the AGM will be communicated via captains and committee members and posted on the Bournville website
  • Fundraising – limited success this year through the Xmas Hamper. Easy fundraising still remains the simplest and easiest way to raise fund for the club yet so few use it – 5 main fundraisers – myself Shelley, Max, Shani, Helen C and myself have raised over £250 for the Club which everyone benefits from. We would encourage other members to help as it is your fees it helps keep down. If anyone has any ideas they would like to take forward both for social and FR purposes then please see a committee member.
  • Things to mention:
    • Club Awards – will be presented at one of the first few training sessions in September – for players player of the year, most improved player and personality of the year
    • New Rules – many of Bournville Umpires have attended the new rules forum which will be implemented at the start of the season. We will take players through the main changes which affect them at the beginning of the season at training.
    • Congrats– Faye who had Seth a couple of months ago and is already back on the court!!
    • Goodbyes – to Jess Hendon and Hannah Coward who are off to Uni – we wish them well. Also to Megan who is back to Uni but has promised to return next year!! And finally to Karen Fawaz – a member of Bournville for many years, she has been Inters coach, captain many times, served for a member of years on the committee but above all a valued member of the Club who has contributed a great deal. She will be missed as a player and above all a friend. She has decided to hang up her boots in terms of playing League Netball – but has said she will reserve and may turn up for the odd training session – it will be great to see her.


With that I close my review of the year and hand over to the Treasurer for her report.