2015 Chair’s Report


JULY 23rd 2015

Welcome to the AGM and thanks to all of you for coming.

Apologies for the lateness of the AGM and we realise that the late date means many are on holidays – we will ensure that it is earlier in July next season to enable more to attend. This is your club and the opportunity to shape its future comes at the AGM

First of all to the season’s results:

  • Seasons Results
    • The Regional Team had a really tough season in Div 1 with a number of players leaving the squad either at the beginning of the season or through injury at an early stage. In addition there were a number of new recruits as the season progressed. Unfortunately this instability has led to the team being demoted to Div 2 but we are confident of getting back up there.
    • 1st Team -In their second season in Div 1 BNL, the 1st team had a good season and finished 5th. They again had a number of team changes and injuries during the season.
    • 2nd Team -The 2nd team also finished 5th in Div 2 so again a good performance.
    • 3rd Team – having finished 3rd in the previous season the 3rd team found themselves unexpectedly promoted to Div 3. They started the season with great trepidation but performed really well to hold their own and finish 4th overall- a great team performance which grew as the season progressed. So well done to the 3rd team
    • 4th Team – the 4th team had a hard season with many new players and inconsistency in particular with some of the younger player’s availability (excl Maisie) so as a result they finished bottom of Div 7 but went out on a winning high. Sadly this will be the second consecutive season they have been demoted
    • 5th Team –primarily made up of the Intermediates in their first or second season in Senior League, they finished 7th with some great wins in the second half of the season with the addition of 2 more senior players from Uni. Availability for matches is a real issue for the inters when they come up and does not make for consistency of team of for ease of organisation.
  • Intermediates – again still going from strength to strength I will leave Shelley to report on their successes
  • Thanks:
    • Thanks to all the captains – |Lucy, Josie, Annemarie, Shelley, Courtney, & Rebecca in the second half. Their job is not the easiest but they have done a great one. It is not always an easy task so we really appreciate you taking on these roles and doing them so successfully.
    • There were no consistent mentors for most teams this season which is a pity as they can add to the team in terms of providing an objective view and taking pressure off playing captains in team choices. I hope that we can further develop this role next season. Thanks to Emily Lloyd who did a lot of the 5th team match days. Again we would like to see more people volunteering for this important supportive role.
    • As always thanks to the Committee. So much is done in the background which players rarely see – but which actually means your club can function and you can play. So thanks from me and all players to Sue, Hannah, Harriet, Shelley, Josie as co-opted member, Fiona till Xmas, Alice as U19 rep, Lucy and Emma. I and the Club could not function without them. Sadly 2 of the committee members are standing down this year – as they are leaving the area. In addition Fiona has also left us establishing a new life in the Lake District. Harriet has already left for London so we wish her well in her new teaching career. Sadly Hannah is also moving away – a great personality, great team member, great committee member and always ready to provide levity when needed. Who will ever forget her Xmas quiz evening!! Part of the Club for a number of years you will be missed on so many fronts but we are sure you will be back with us at some point – how could you ever fully leave us!! Farewell to you all and my heartfelt thanks for all you have done on the committee. However this club is run be great efforts by the few – more people need to take on the mantle of running the Club and supporting the Committee. There was not one volunteer to come on the committee this year other than those mentioned later who have agreed to become part of it. We will not be here forever!!
    • To all Players for your commitment to the Club and your support of the Committee
    • Coaching –This year was the first full season with Jane as Senior Coach which has provided much needed impetus to our training. Also a selector Jane has given a lot of her time for the Club and we look forward to continuing with her in that role and developing as a club. Lower team coaching was led by Emily Lloyd in her first year as a Level 2 coach so thanks to her for her input both in coaching , mentoring the 5th team and being our SGOfficer. Also thanks to Shani and Annemarie who also took lower training sessions during the season
    • Intermediates – this year has again been very successful for Intermediates and as noted previously many of last years have come up to Seniors and we will be welcoming more next season. I would like to particularly thank Shelley for continuing the role of Chair for Inters and Inters rep on the main committee. She has put a huge amount of time and effort into Inters over the last few seasons ably supported by the Inters Committee. Obviously I would also like to give a big thanks to Pat in her role as coach. She has devoted again a huge amount of time and effort with all the girls with great success. The Inters is thriving and this year we will see many of them feed into seniors which is great for the future development of the cub and them as players.
  • Birmingham League-. Any relevant outcome from the AGM will be communicated separately via Captains and Committee members – and posted on the Bournville Website:
  • Fundraising – moderate success this year through the Xmas and Easter Hampers being led by Emma and Lucy. Easy fundraising still remains the simplest and easiest way to raise fund for the club yet so few use it – between us Shelley and I have raised over £120 for the Club since we started – this all goes towards keeping subs down – but it only works if everyone contributes. If anyone has any ideas they would like to take forward both for social and FR purposes then please see Lucy or Emma. Thanks to Lucy/Emma for organising the Xmas and end of season dos.
  • Things to mention:
    • Club Awards – will be presented at one of the first few training sessions in September – for players player of the year, most improved player and personality of the year
    • Congrats- Caroline & Anna who had babies last season and are already back playing.
    • Goodbyes – to Megan Barsby who leaves for Uni and farewell to Alice Wheeler and Courtney who have moved away with their jobs. And of course as mentioned before Harriet and Hannah.

With that I close my review of the year and hand over to the Treasurer for her report.