Codes of Conduct – Parents & Carers



In order to gain the best experience from their involvement in sport, children and young people generally rely on their parents/carers for both emotional and financial support. This influence can be even more critical if their child becomes involved in national squads and competition. It is hoped that the following will prove useful to parents and carers to support their child to participate in and enjoy netball.

  • Support your child’s involvement and help them to enjoy all that netball has to offer;
  • Encourage respect for the rules of netball, promote and support fair play and the acceptance of an official’s decision;
  • Encourage recognition of good performance in others as well as themselves;
  • Do not applaud opponents errors or their misfortune;
  • Uphold high standards of behaviour, appearance and promote the importance of being a good team player;
  • Establish a positive partnership with the coach in order to help provide the best possible balance between the demands of netball, education and home;
  • Ensure that your child is aware of all the arrangements made for matches, training, tours and trips;
  • Be punctual when collecting or delivering your child to training or matches;
  • Ensure that your child fully understands the requirements of the Codes of Conduct for players;
  • Never exert undue pressure on your child to compete or to gain results. Be realistic about your child’s ability;
  • Always use appropriate language and ensure your child does the same;
  • Under no circumstances condone a rule violation or the use of prohibited substances including alcohol and tobacco;
  • Ensure that your child understands that they should take an appropriate level of responsibility for their own safety;
  • Show respect to the coach/volunteer working with your child;
  • If you have any questions or queries, communicate these to the coach/volunteer to enable any concerns to be understood and responded to. A culture of openness is encouraged and it may be possible (and important) to ensure that your child can contribute to any such discussions to enable their views to be considered;
  • Any concerns that parents/carers feel unable to address directly with the coach/volunteer should be discussed with the Club Safeguarding Officer;
  • Encourage your child to take responsibility for their own actions;
  • You should immediately inform your child’s coach or team manager of an injury or illness that affects your child which might impact upon their ability to train or compete;

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